Shooting Planning

Preparing for the shooting is the climax of the preproduction. It's not only about creating an ideal shooting schedule.

Film making is a complex process. The work must be carefully planned, but there should also be space for artistic interpretation. The organization of these executive workflows is called shooting planning; their consequence is the filming process completed during shooting. The core task during the shooting planning is the work on the shooting schedule, in which the processes and coverage required during filming are determined – a decision that is, to begin with anyway, binding. This will set the frame for the daily work on set. At the same time, however, the shooting schedule also includes the moderation and control of the many factors and the partially conflicting interests that influence filming. Since the interplay of all of these things cannot always be resolved, they must be weighted by the scheduling. The foundation of this work is a sound understanding of the tasks, work processes, hierarchies and relationships on a film set.