Meet your New Documentary Companion

Compile your research and all project assets to a single platform. Get the team together to plan and bring a compelling documentary to life.

A Safehouse for All Documentary Material

Store and catalog your research material, then pull the data you need to fill in the details for the next steps in production. Look up archived video content from your asset library, and read up on past interactions between team members whenever you need them.

Petra Löttker

What our customers have to say

“[Yamdu] makes production planning entertaining and so much nicer than working with an ordinary Excel sheet. Everything is in one system and it’s connected, so if you shift things around, all the other parts of production will move along with it.”

Petra Löttker Head of Production at Light & Shadow

Stay on Track Even on your Wildest Journey

Create and assemble a list of the crew, equipment, and vehicles you’ll need to make shooting on location a reality. Define which days specific team members and pieces of equipment will be required for a shoot, and see that information consolidated with everything else in production on the overview calendar.

PJ Marcellino

What our customers have to say

“I would say that the competitive edge comes from understanding that you can increase the impact of your team and mitigate the investment that you’ve made, by rationalizing and achieving more with fewer people. And this is what Yamdu has allowed us to do.”

PJ Marcellino Executive Producer and Managing Partner at Anatomy of Restlessness Films, and ED at Pano Terra

Work Productively Even with Remote Crews

Keep all communication channels to a single platform for the entire team to interact on from literally anywhere. Leave comments during creative discussions, and make announcements for those who missed critical conversations.

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