Movielabs Case Study: Transforming Pre-Production in the Cloud with Yamdu

Rote Rosen, one of Europe's most successful telenovelas, transfers its script and product management to the cloud.

Everything new for Costume Design and Makeup & Hair

We redesigned both areas to improve the overview and add more clarity.

Travel & Living Planning in the Media Industry

Making movies, documentaries, and commercials is teamwork. However, these teams are usually freelancers who must travel from one filming location to another.

How Software Plays a Leading Part in Green Film Production

A growing number of initiatives, especially in Europe, have been launched to make film production more green.

Software for Collaborative Script Breakdown and Shots

No more redundant work. Each department can see what they need to do and contribute to one master breakdown to support the directors and the production team.

Spring Product Updates

We're always gathering feedback and making improvements, including adding new features, to ensure your productions run as smoothly as possible. Check out our latest updates to enhance your workflow!

Yamdu US Roadshow

A Recap of Our April Events Tour in the US.

Get Production Insights at a Mere Glance

Time is a precious matter in production, so we've worked hard to create a new view option that gathers relevant information on a single layout.

A Better Framework for Smoother Onboarding

Introducing all-new features that will enhance the user experience and improve productivity for our customers!

MTH Babelsberg in Retrospect

Yamdu had the opportunity to participate in the Pick Session and discuss the potential of building the next-generation production pipeline.

Highlights from the Explorer Konferenz 2022

Yamdu CEO Florian Reimann, and Producer and CEO of Studio Hamburg Serienwerft, Jan Diepers, share the stage in showcasing real-world data consolidation scenarios from Rote Rosen.

Yamdu Sponsors Film London Lodestars

Yamdu was proud to support the 2020 Film London Lodestars, which celebrate the rising stars of the UK film industry.

A Six Step Guide To Shooting A Film On Location

Everything you need to know about starting a shoot on location the right way.

A Guide to Successful Location Scouting (With Free Checklist)

How to make sure you plan your location scouting effectively.

A Guide To Successfully Casting Every Type Of Production

How to find the best actors during the casting process.

How To Create Script Breakdowns The Right Way

What is a breakdown, and what is the best way of creating one?

10 Insider Tips for the Perfect Shooting Schedule

There are many ways how to create a shooting schedule. These 10 expert tips will help you with your shooting plan.

Film Set Etiquette: The 9 Things You Need To Know

Find out everything you need to know about how to behave on set before, during and after filming.

A Guide to Casting Commercials

The star of a commercial will be the face of the product they represent. For this reason, casting well is of paramount importance.

Ten Things Every Scriptwriter Should Know About Preparing A Script For Filming

How can a scriptwriter make life easier for the filming team? Jesper Petzke explains the 10 tips that will make everything run smoothly on set.

Why Preproduction Sucks

Whether you're producing a feature film, a commercial or any other type of media content, preproduction is quite a challenge.

My Multimedia Agency Tool: optimize customer management

Production management is important for all sorts of media agencies. Learn how to facilitate your work, especially with your recurring, favorite customers.

Partnership with Showbiz

Yamdu is happy to announce a strong partnership with Showbiz Budgeting and Media Services.

The new Movie Magic Schedule import

With our new feature we make it possible for you to import your Movie Magic schedule and all its data to Yamdu easily in a matter of minutes.

Green Film Production (with Yamdu)

Don't be afraid of going green.